Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The after effects of freshers, flu and frying pan fires

So it's just approached November and I can't believe I've been at Uni for this long already! What first felt like a just weird long holiday is slowly starting to feel normal. So far, there's been crazy nights out, the stress of many a coursework deadline, an education into how not to set fried bacon on fire, (it happens more than you'd expect) and a crippling lack of sleep, not to mention freshers flu which it turns out is a real thing - who would've known? - and of course a fair few lazy McDonalds to help recoup. In summary, the beginnings of University life have been hectic to say the least, but ultimately, amazing.

Moving away from home and being thrown together with people you've never even met before seems daunting to begin with, but what's surprised me most is just how quickly the people you live with become friends. Even within the first couple of weeks we've already grown comfortable with each other -maybe a bit too comfortable- and while overwhelming, meeting such a large number of interesting people on a daily basis really does give you the buzz everyone tells you about.

If you're like me,  and always need to be entertained, the best thing about Uni is there is ALWAYS something going on, and for the most part this is brilliant, but just a few words of advice; take the time to chill. With so much work and so much socialising, I feel the beginnings of sleep deprivation might be showing in my turning up to lectures with mismatched clothes and unbrushed hair resembling something like the grudge. So in the last few weeks I've learnt to spend at least some spare time just relaxing, even if that just means catching up on gossip girl in bed.

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